The Second Day: Checking in & Getting Information – A Few Points / Understandings

Turned out there’s nothing to be afraid of, HAHAHA 🙂

You’ll have to be here. If you like English, learning it in your home country is not nearly enough. BE HERE! This one is the most important things, and I’ll say it again: be here and experience it yourself. You don’t have to listen to me. Just be here, okay?

People are much smarter than maps. Ask white people! They want the best for you.

Things sold by Americans brand in China are exactly the same as sold in the US.

KFC in China fits better to my taste than McDonald in the US. But what sucks is that there are McDonalds everywhere here and no KFC.

Just one day and I have received enormous information. I am able to understand white people perfectly and express my thoughts adequately. Some of the foreign assistances’ accent is really disappointing, by the way.

The ability to walk around the campus depends on your skill to read maps. My previous trip to Hong Kong really helped a lot on my map-reading skills. And In Purdue having a car is highly recommended.

I’ve seen more people writing left-handed than in my entire life, and these people cannot be more normal. This has further convinced that maybe left-handedness itself it perfectly normal. Converting it, however, makes matter complicated. But I don’t even have the guts to write left-handed doing business (signing and filling official forms) in this situation. My left hand doesn’t work that well, plus they are “genuine” left-handed, what am I? I am converted left-handed, albeit I unsuccessfully converted it back with two lame hands. Fuck handedness. Fuck converting.

My spoken English has progressed a lot today, yes a lot. I am happy that my English have finally met the long-needed improvement.

The race issue again… Aside from Chinese, there are plenty of Asians around, such as Koreans and Japanese, and more Koreans than Japanese. Almost all white people who provide services are very nice. I say they are very nice because it seems they truly want the best for you, and that they truly want you to understand what they are talking about. You’ve got to admire their dedication for work. Be here and see it for yourself.

Some of the good reasons for feeling good about being Chinese:

Fame: everyone knows what China and Chinese is. You never have to worry that people won’t know you are Chinese. They always know you are Chinese and they don’t seem to dislike it.

Food: after eating some western food, I finally understood why people say Chinese food is delicious.

Number: Chinese are everywhere. Wherever you go, you will never drop speaking Chinese. Not possible.

Nation: China is a great nation now. It has people; it has nuclear weapons; it manufactures world’s living stuff; it will hold Olympics. For these reasons people all over the world subconsciously admit that Chinese can never be underestimated.

White people are white people. They are naturally what they are and we are naturally what we are. They have certain superiorities and they will always have it. They are able to create highly structured everything without conscious effort, which we are not able to do. Acceptance, therefore, is the only thing I can do.

White people’s handwritings SUCK. Asians generally have excellent handwriting.

American girls are usually, FAT.

Still, white people are an excellent race, and a very perfect one, which is able to create structure for its own good and live in harmony with the other animals.

White people are another kind of animal. They live in a completely different level.

English is not our language. It’s white people’s language, though you can use it free of charge or taxes.

Watching white people talk to each other is like watching American TV show. It’s really the same, except that TV shows are pre-written.

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  1. CiCi says:

    sounds great!

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