The First Day: Arrival – Realizations

Beijing International Airport does not have free WIFI. Starbucks in Beijing International Airport does not have free WIFI either. Yet someone told me they had network cable for Internet. I wish I had discovered that earlier.

Plane is HELL after 6 hours, to the level that after the plane landed I almost never want to fly back. You’ll know.

You may wait more than 10min to pick out your luggage. It took me 13mins to wait for mine to come out.

Bus can be late.

I’m still on earth.

Language is not a problem. TOEFL does work.

Don’t worry; you’ll speak more Chinese than English.

There are far more similarities than differences between the US and China.

The best of US’s technology is already being used around the globe.

There are huge attitude and intelligence differences between white people and black people. One day, and it’s enough for me to see that white people is clearly superior. Racial issue is really an issue in that it is true that one race can be better than the other in lots of ways. Note that this only applies to the general population and does not work for individual cases.

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