The Break-down

Due to enormous pressure, numerous events,  multi-tasking (Project Yu Hang school application, Project aunt’s computer repair optimization, Project going abroad everything prep, Project Purdue freshman information collection, and Project playing company of heroes with lag and losing, and Project worrying about everything), the flu fever plus suddenly being allergic to proteins due to anxiety, deprived sleep time, 2 kinds of medication for anti-allergy, success anxiety, allergy illness anxiety, and severe information overload, neither my brain nor my body can handle these anymore.

The system therefore had to "break down" and "reboot", by means of self-restoring…

The next Friday will be my 20th birthday. If it continues like this it really sucks. Being in a flu fever + allergy + medication condition is like being in hell.

I will be good and happy and peaceful the day after tomorrow. Not hopefully, I will.

P.S The universe (some refer to as God), please, I’m wrong… you are right. I don’t want to defy you anymore… So, will you forgive me?
P.P.S LOL 🙂 🙂 (: (-:

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