Limited Existence, Unlimited World

When you actually think about it, that you can only exist for 70 or maybe 80, or 100 years at most, and time is unlimited, it is kind of sad isn’t it?

I’ve always wanted to know the purpose of us here, on this planet. Yet the answer is not given by the universe / God. What is God playing at? You’ve got be responsible God. Why are you putting us on this little big planet not giving us any information on why we are here?

Why are we here? Why limited existence? No matter how well one gets to be, in the end, death. Yes, death is the end of the game here. No one really knows what happens after the end of the game.

Without a real purpose, we are here. Actually we have purpose. We all have purposes. We create them. Our first priority is to survive. Our second priority is to continue our species by means of mating. Our third priority is to make sure our species will last to the next generation. In my honest opinion, this is pathetic.

Yet that’s what we are. We learn, we strive for success, strive for a better life. We are in much better living condition than other animals. We are the king of animals. We are nothing more than the king of animals.

Some of us invented religion. Religion is good, it tries to connect one with God. But hell, don’t be stupid. We invented religion. We invented God.

Some of us say the world is a illusion, that the universe is an illusion, that theories are illusion, that logic is illusion, that everything you name it is actually illusion. None of them exist. So what exists? "There is one single energy that exists, a single energy manifesting itself in everything." This is bull crap! If everything is an illusion, then why bother to live? Being alive a mistake if you think everything is just an illusion, and I bet these people can’t wait to be dead.

The important thing is to stop questioning and playing this "life game" being presented to you without your first consent. Those who are good at the "life game" enjoy it. Those who are not endure it, hoping everyday life can get better for them. And those who like me question it, praying to get the answer that they’ll never get.


Pissed off,
Sirui Liu

BTW I just killed five guy in a role in the game COH:OP. I killed the second guy while chatting with him both agreeing PE is overpowered with me killing him using PE without losing a single unit. The last guy quit after 30 minutes of useless attack and being bombarded at his base. I feel so happy and so sad so I wrote the paragraph above. LOL.

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2 Responses to Limited Existence, Unlimited World

  1. Suotian says:

    palmary work!
    both the article and the COH:OP

  2. CiCi says:

    Please concentrate on what you have experienced, not the final result of life.

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