Going Abroad? Another Language?

Why do I choose to go abroad? Am I really happy with the decision to go abroad? Honestly I don’t know.

I don’t really have a choice do I? The universe made me do it, my brain made me do it, I can’t help it.

How did I pass Toefl and ACT? I did help a little bit but most of the work was done by my brain.

Who will support me? That’s right my parents. I feel so guilty not being able to get a full scholarship.

About language. I stoled the language. You see obviously I didn’t invent the English language, nor did my ancestors. I’m a language thief. I admire the quality and technology of the western world; I’m a traitor. I do not speak in favor of things which helped me, I am ungrateful. PH.D student suicide and I laughed at his foolishness in my heart, I am evil.

That’s right, I am the most worthless piece of crap the world has ever witnessed.

"Laughing Hysterically",
Sirui Liu

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2 Responses to Going Abroad? Another Language?

  1. Suotian says:

    everyone has a mad time

  2. CiCi says:

    我很喜欢这句话:你选择了,你坚持了,你就已经成功了。你是一个很不一般的Boy. 相信你的决择,支持你!

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