Chaos vs Structure

Some people are just chaotic, everything around them are placed in a, say, chaos manner. While other people are extremely structured, to the point that "it cannot be even a bit chaotic", or it will make them feel uncomfortable, so there will always be an urge for them to "structure things" according to their logic.
Interestingly, people has different demands for order in a variety of things. Me, for example, demands not much order for things around me, or in how I sleep as you can see, but is a perfectionist in such fields as grammar, file names, computer file placement, etc. For others as I have seen, possessing different levels of tolerance for different things.
Is it possible to postulate the hypothesis that preferring order is better than preferring chaos or incapable of being ordered? Or that being chaotic is better in creative jobs than being structured?
The answer will be difficult to conclude. From what I have observed, trying new things or being creative has a correlation in being chaotic, but this is not necessarily true. Not as rare as it should be as it is, one can be structured on one hand and avid in new stuff on another.
People like order. You may also like accepting new ideas, etc. So my partial conclusion is, being chaotic or being structured is not enough, not amazingly enough. One needs to know how to be structurally unstructured, be crazily reality-based, be geniusly normal, "hahaly" angry, and angrily "haha". Finally, be possibly impossible.
This is off-topicly on topic. Confusely got-it?
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One Response to Chaos vs Structure

  1. CiCi says:

    哥们,这背景感觉挺不错的,像置身于森林中。。。I like nature!!!

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