Where Is It Going?

Where is this blog going? One thing is for sure, this blog has not been used for social networking purposes. If it were, I wouldn’t have written what I have written. Seeing from now, as the alpha version of my greater future plans, this blog only acts as a temporary "practicing" zone, a place where I test my ability to write something all by myself and not just to myself. It worked to some degree.

If I were to start a real blog, the blog has to have its own domain name, not under some other company’s name. But that is after beta, the next version of my blog. The next version will put more focus on social networking. What is the point of writing something if you knew no one, or very few was going to read it? That’s the question, otherwise a blog is just another form of writing-to-self, which I began to hate more and more recently.

Another thing is a blog has to contain something people can read and laugh or think about. Feeling pleasurable to read and laguh out loud; think in detail and think big. We human beings share some common unconsciousness, when aroused, we can feel the same thing deep inside of ourselves. This feeling can be so pleasuable that when it comes it will "make your day", that you will have not felt you have wasted another day in life. This is the area into which I have to dig.

Talking about my English for a little bit. I have not made much progress in English for quite a long time, and how can that be? Because I was not trying new usages and making mistakes! No mistakes, no progress. It was like my mind for trying new was closed. "A mind only works when open", how correct is that! Again, how can you make progress by not making mistakes? Impossible.

End for now.

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