August 13th, What the Hell?!!!

There is a chance that I will be in the States before August 13th, what the!!!!! That’s just… how many days from today? Clearly I am not, mentally, physically, or psychologically prepared for this. This is just… unthinkable, so unthinkable. And now that Harry Potter 7 is out, I am having to read it…  :> :> :> 😦
What I planned, wished, hoped, wanted, is to leave in Jan, 2008. It cannot be more appropriate to have several months’ preparation before going such a super long trip, and also good for settling everything down. Going in August is just not right; I still haven’t made any good use of my ACT score yet!
I am hoping this will happen: Iowa State U gives out the admission, but it is too late so I have to defer it to January, thus the responsibility is not mine. This is the best that can happen. The worst? Iowa State U refuses to give me an admission ticket, saying it has to wait till January. But even the worst is not that bad, so it seems I had better just let things happen.
Don’t know how to end this…
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2 Responses to August 13th, What the Hell?!!!

  1. Suotian says:

    crossroad?go straight in your mind.nerver be confused.never be get an enlightenment,the best way is following the light from heart.believe youself.
    And here is my opinion:Now you are skillful in life-english,but when you would be in the Us,there will not be only "life" for university LIFE.The studies come from LIFE but hyper-LIFE.MIT open course is the symbol for US University,not the Harry Potter.Do not bore my opinion.Here is only my advice to real friend.It is only a well-meaning remind.For sure,you can and should be free.BUT Do not forget OOPS.
    Hope the high ACT score can help you get better position.Make use of it.
    BEST WISHED,my friend.

  2. Sirui says:

    Strongly agreed, though sometimes we are blinded by insignificant affairs.
    Agreed. Agreed (hyper-life, that’s good). Actually, Harry Potter (especially later in the series) is no easier to read than textbooks, and since my English has been drastically improved by J.K. Rowling’s writing, there is no shame whatever in reading it. Personally, I would like to make things seperated from each other, so that they are unrelated. If academic, then very academic it will be.
    P.S. What is OOPS? 🙂

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