Talking about Wiki Again

I have just found out our great country’s new policy against Wikipedia.
The English version of Wikipedia, along with all languages in the world except Simplified Chinese, are now unblocked. However, when you see a great article and want also to see the Simplified Chinese version of it, problem comes. The moment you click on the 中文 link, our advanced equipment will instantanously block your ip from accessing the entire Wikipedia, regardless of the language. If you are like me using dynamic ip address, this will not be a problem since you can just redial online. For those who have fixed ip addresses, you do this and you may never see Wikipedia again.
I think this policy is a lot better than the previous no-brain policy. For those who really want to access Wikipedia there is no way to stop them; for those who really want to know whatever they want to know there is no way to stop them either. It is the majorites that matter.
In computer there is either better performance or better stability, sometimes it gets to the point where two of these are completely balanced. Society, from my point of view, bears the same resemblance. In this case, it chooses stability over performance.
Oftentimes, being ignorant means being happy.
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