When You Stuck

Now I have to say, I am stuck in here.
Life is not a game which you can save and load. I wish it is; it would simply lots of things. Now that I am no longer in any university courses, I do not have a defined goal to achieve. I’ve been doing literally nothing after the ACT, and this is the worst that can happen. It is hard to imagine exactly one year ago, I was happy that Gaokao was finally past tense for me; lots of things have changed since then.
Actually it’s not been many years since everything all started. In 2003 I was still hoping that, some day, I would be able to read 99% of English, that I would to able to read a magazine written in English. It was my dream and my strategy back then. At that time that Internet is far from what it is today, plus I did not have means to surf the web, so my imagination is limited in thinking about writing a blog. Back then my thinking system was Chinese only, now English thinking has mostly been seperated from Chinese thinking, creating two independent systems (though both suck). Oh, back then I still used a mouse right-handed, and sucked at games such as counter strike. That was the main reason I switched to left-handed mousing and everything in 2004 because I realized it was not fair to compete without the hand being dominant. Now I can beat Quake 3 bots with the highest "Nightmare" level, which proved my speculation. I did became confused due to this though, and had suffered a great deal. Interestingly, windows xp was out in 2002, yet most people still use it today. There are other things, which I will keep to myself for now.
What about the next four years? Where will I be and what will I be doing? I will leave this question here and have my future self answered it.
One thing is for sure, I am out of imagination.
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