Act Test Assured

I’ve secured the last seat for the ACT test which is going to take place on Jun 9th, 2007, Ntk English Learning School, Hong Kong.
I’ve downloaded Kaplan ACT High Score software to help prepare for the ACT.
There’s not much time left.
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4 Responses to Act Test Assured

  1. CiCi says:

    Lucky you!

  2. CiCi says:

    去?不去?不去?去?好矛盾呦!去了APPLE“没熟”,且我还去过那,怕是再去白去了,不去吧,还觉得不甘心,哎… 怎么办?我看我是得了选择恐惧症了@<@

  3. Suotian says:


  4. Sirui says:

    If I were to be admitted I will have gone to America alone anyway.
    Laugh at you will.

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