That’s It

We all know how different it can be when a computer runs different software, a different OS, for example. Now make an analogy, our brain is like a complicated piece of computer hardware, but what is the software? I think the software for your brain should be your knowledge and skills. It should be what you have learned ever since birth.
Now let’s think back on computers, is the hardware or the software more important? Naturally if the hardware cannot be changed, the software is doubtlessly more important. And if you do not have the software, the hardware is useless.

Let’s make the analogy even more detailed. Say that you have a latest Core 2 Duo machine with 2 GB of RAM, what if you install a Windows 98 on it? What will happen? Of course much of the performance is wasted. The software is too old to fully take advantage of the speedy hardware.

Another example, Window XP is much stabler than Windows 98, and a Unix-based system is stabler than Windows XP. But they all run on the same x86 system. Same system, but different results, different performances.
If there were to be no operating systems anymore, what can a PC do? No software, no performance, no use.
If I install a Mac OS X on a PC perfectly, with all the issues solved, should I call that a PC or a Mac? Or, is it more of a PC or more of a Mac? Software deteremines more.
What can we conclude from above paragraphs? Assuming that the hardware is unchanged, then ALL THAT MATTERS IS THE SOFTWARE!!!
OK back to human side, have you ever considered the possibility that what you learned (software) or what you know (software) reflects more about who you are than who you really are?

Have you ever thought about the fact that your achievement is more limited by your knowledge and skills (software) rather than by your talents (hardware)?
Have you ever felt that what you are learning (software) is not "optimized" for how you think (hardware)?

I just want to say that, without proper "software", no matter how good the "hardware" is, it is never going to perform well.

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