Much more on the Steve Job’s iphone comparison phone model

This is the time I’ve been looking forward to for half a year. Every once in a while, an expensive product comes along, that changes little.
Today, I am announcing that, Treo 650, the opponent iphone will try hard to beat, which is of no doubt, and also to my surprise, a very powerful device.
  • It is a PHONE, a PALM, a WEB BROWER, a MOBILE MSN Messenger;
  • a Google Maps/Earth, a poor PDF Viewer;
  • an personal information management device, a low-end Camera;
  • a 2GB (upgradable @ 65RMB/GB) iPOD (plays mp3/aac/ac3/flac/wav format);
  • a video Player (plays h264 & mp4 @ max resolution of 640×480) (can also play downloaded movies/TV Shows without converting them) ;
  • an Alarm Clock capable of waking up the dead;
  • an all-in-one Dictionary;
  • a Gaming Device;
  • a Bluetoother;
  • a Memo at hand;
  • a Voice Recorder;
  • a Calender and Weather Reporter;
  • an atomic-accuracy Clock;
  • an eye-grabber;
  • a long-battery-life Gadget;
  • a Torchlight;
  • a Headphone Amplifier capable of driving Sennheiser HD600!!!!!
  • and a solution for waiting for iphone.

What? Of course iphone is better than the Treo, there are millions of devices out there claiming that they are the best ones, but at what price?

Treo 650 is classic, and to be classic there has to be reasons, which are yet to be discovered through use.

Nerd question: Are you attracted to Treo’s Features?

If you are then you have normal reasoning and judging abilities if you are waiting for iPhone then it is fine if you think what you have is better than mine then you are not wrong if you are none of those mentioned above then you have to be something of a genius if you are even considering the statement mentioned above then you are certainly not a genius.

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