Intelligence is measured by what you have accomplished, what you have achieved, and whether you have made a difference, not by some stupid IQ score; it is a long-term effect.
Look at your road behind, have you made a difference? Or have you at least made a difference to yourself?
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2 Responses to Measuring…

  1. Jun says:

        I am sure you will know it’s me. Maybe I don’t have a space on Windows Live so that I couldn’t sign my name. And…I’ve read your log about left-hand, but when I want to leave a message, something wrong happened and I couldn’t open that page. So I will say somehing here.     First suggestion is, do you really want more people read your opinion? I found sometimes it will be a little difficult to understand all the vocabular words in your essay for most of the readers. I know if not, there will still be few people read that carefully.     Also, right-hand has already been a habit. People made a rule to have a regular and formal activity among so many people. Like why the direction of electron was named the cathode, why the drivers’ sit is on the left mostly and why English is regared as the most important language in the world. Maybe it’s a mistake, basic rules for something or power. If it’s really depends on the development of human’s brain, I don’t know what to say. I don’t have much rights to discass the left-hand because there is no experience come to my left hand. I have been used to use right hand. Right choice? Just habit like most one.     Usually, people will say left-hand is more clever. Whatever it is, but I know left-hand will get many mental trouble during their common lives. I hope you won’t get too much affliction, but now right hand will make you feel more comfortable. How about both-hand? Then what will happen?    So, there is no good or bad between right-hand and left-hand. They are just different like culture does. I met some trouble here because of the culture differences. Commen seen it is. It seems people prefer to use the right feet, too. Of course depends on the right-hand, the right side of the body is more popular. Do you think so?

  2. Sirui says:

    Thank you very much for your comment.
    After posting what I wrote about the handedness issue for some time I felt something was wrong and that I should not be posting it in my blog since it has something to do with one’s privacy. But the funny thing is, I knew you had already read it somehow.
    And the vocabulary part, I will work on that. But sometimes it is hard to fully express what you mean by replacing the best word for the meaning.
    And you are very right about the right-handed world. We need rules to keep things work.
    I will post something new about handednenss later.

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